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Hurricane Florence Response September 18, 2018

Please see current weather updates if needed, post Hurricane

Dosher Memorial Hospital is currently without potable water.  The Emergency Department, Lab Diagnostic Imaging departments are the only areas being called.  This cooling is occurring by water pumped from the tankers.

The rest of the hospital is HOT AND HUMID.  Manual flushing (by bucket) of toilets is required!

No inpatient services are being provided due to inspiration of the hospitals's sprinkler system.  Physician clinics, outpatient services, and operating rooms are closed the rest of the week.

Check with your Immediate supervisor for your work assignment.  Remember, your safety comes first.  Do not travel in unsafe conditions.

Please continue to monitor this website and Facebook for updates.

National Hurricane Center

Local Weather
The Weather Channel - Southport, NC
Accuweather - Southport, NC
ABC - Southport, NC
CBS - Southport, NC
FOX - Southport, NC
NBC - Southport, NC

National Bureaus
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service

Southport Response, Hospital Preparation
Hospitals Ramp Up for Storm
Closings, but Dosher Emergency Services Open 24/7

FastCommand - Dosher Memorial Hospital
This is the Digital Disaster Response System for Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport, North Carolina. This site is for web-enabled communications during emergency events. During an actual incident the disaster action plan or important directives will appear on this page. Though this site is for emergency responders public informational links are available on the left of this page. 

Use of this System
If you need assistance phone our toll free 24 hour hotline at 1-800-264-3932 or during working hours phone 205-752-5050.

This page and other areas can be updated for communication purposes during or before an incident by the incident command staff of Dosher Memorial Hospital. Support for these features is provided by FastCommand.